5 Reasons Being A Rockstar Isn’t A Bad Deal #leobffs #rockstar

As someone who is surrounded by Leos, I feel I have learned a thing or two from them.

Drama – learning how to use it for entertainment and for fun

Class – life is short, you might want to step it up, enjoy yourself and glamour yourself up

Family – remain devoted, that’s your grounding

Making fun of life – I don’t know any other sign that delights (other than the sag and the gemini) more in making fun of life. I think it’s something that first hooked my guy – my willingness to not take life so seriously.

  • Support in creative projects, spoofs, understanding and similar humour
  • Super playful
  • Always up for a social spin
  • The best jokes, or if immature, then terrible jokes *scowls*

Being a rockstar isn’t such a bad deal – being loved, having fans, trying to help people, getting off on energy.

Great taste – we love our good food – salmon sushi,great Italian, the best jewelry and best clothing deals. Even when we are frugal we buy the best. And we ask for recommendations.

I think there’s a lot to say in relation to networking and being social. Some of us take real advantage of that.

And something I adore about my leos: intelligence. More often than not we have 2 brain cells to put together. And we have fun.

Carrying yourself with attitude takes skill.

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