No One Is Sleeping #insomnia #hyper #rest #anxiety

Insomnia … inability to sleep properly

Hyperness… ADHD

Burned out… workaholism

Sensitive to light … eyes get tired

It is hilarious.

Much like Europe circa colonization times, we have loads of grief with modern illnesses. It’s a reality, something we accept, cope with but in my opinion, struggle to be present with life and enjoy the finer moments.

No one really knows how to deal with this, although bless them doctors try to open discussion points.

Because without those, they can’t have a chat with patients. No chat, no diagnosis. No diagnosis – you die.

(insert mean girls coach clip)

But for real, so many cases fall to doctors because no one really knows how to handle modern illness especially when we live in a dystopian, repressed society where we would rather smile and pretend and to a select few, tell the real situation.

Taking for instance people that I  know –
One girl that’s from my high school, an optometrist that’s serving senior eye care in the country, is big on health and getting sick people to open up (read: depressed, anxious, isolated). I know because that’s how she is, bless her. And she has always been about open discussion, warmth, acceptance, spirituality. Both our love lives are weird. Although in my cases, totally off the public radar.

And then I had a discussion with a guy who had been off my radar for several months –

One with a guy who drives an uber –

Another with a boss of a limo company –

Lets not discount the bosses who take sleeping pills and cough medicine

Or the insomniacs of our generation. Mainly the self-initiating, ambitious stress heads of high intelligence.

Then there’s the burn outs of those guys who are the lower scale monkeys of millionaires. Or billionares. Lets face it, not even billionaires can count. Or potentially, care.

This is my retaliation on the fact that we humanoids can’t keep up with modern life. We need drugs for that!

Iincoming data, work, delivering things with idiots, accepting below bare minimum of sustainable human life.

I am 98% sure that unless you’re in the health business, you have no idea what sustainable human life even means right now.
I’m not going to pretend even I live such a life. I have documented my experiences.

However I will not lie about one thing: I have a devoted family, a good life come what may, and blessed with so much I wanted to raise attention to things we neglect and quite potentially take for granted (I know I have ie. Eye care)

Point is, no one is sleeping.

And it is essential to life – replenishing our body, rest, brain, immune system, and further more I found out there’s no bank to sleep. You can’t catch up on it. Consistent good sleep is where its at, our good heart surgeon says.

Adding to that we are overdosed on screen time. The workings behind it are complex in my point of view and that adds to why we’re addicted to it, even though our eyes can’t stand bright screen light.

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We have organs: what are we doing to maintain them? Jack all.
There’s a lot we have to take for granted in order to keep up.

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