Collateral Damage And The Aries Male #icanteven #notmytype #nopenopenope

Aries. Males. God damn. F*ck. Excuse my French. But holy crap I realized there’s a reason I never went out with one. Friends? Always fun but something to manage. I just realized that I am most appreciated and understood by my good fire sign friends. And I don’t think it’s coincidence that the best are … Continue reading Collateral Damage And The Aries Male #icanteven #notmytype #nopenopenope

May The 4th Be With You: 10 Ways Star Wars Is Right Here

A few weeks ago I saw an article on an innovative and inspiring woman who made dome huts for refugees. It could collect solar energy and water within shape structures of the dome and in that way, hold some sustainable life form for displaced people caught in civil unrest. Then some days later a cool … Continue reading May The 4th Be With You: 10 Ways Star Wars Is Right Here

Adults Give Us Anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #stopaskingmequestions

I have found curious patterns in behaviour, these articles kind of already shine light: Do Older Generations Respect Our Issues? Sleeping With The Enemy #bunchofflaminggalahs #babyboomers But I found something even more interesting – direct impacts from ‘adults’ on our own psychology – Such as too many questions, pressure, anticipation and worry from the above. … Continue reading Adults Give Us Anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #stopaskingmequestions

No One Is Sleeping #insomnia #hyper #rest #anxiety

Insomnia … inability to sleep properly Hyperness… ADHD Burned out... workaholism Sensitive to light … eyes get tired It is hilarious. Much like Europe circa colonization times, we have loads of grief with modern illnesses. It’s a reality, something we accept, cope with but in my opinion, struggle to be present with life and enjoy … Continue reading No One Is Sleeping #insomnia #hyper #rest #anxiety

Dreamers Have Tons Of Purpose In Reality #whatyoumakeofit

The other day it kicked into me how much feedback I got from being ‘airy fairy’ and in ‘lala land’ when I was younger for being a naturally creative soul. Those type of labels felt negative and stupid, somewhat incompetent. Useless. Even though I was a natural investigator, bookworm, socialite and very observant. Growing up … Continue reading Dreamers Have Tons Of Purpose In Reality #whatyoumakeofit