It’s 2020: 6 Steps To Becoming An Awesome Empath #empath #selflove #intuition

A couple of things happened this week that made me realize I am happy in the craft that I am in. It fits me, my skills and knowledge and I feel aligned in my purpose.

I picked up on my reactions to situations and realize this:
A girlfriend who is in physio, parents who are in medicine. Stress and moral fatigue from diagnosing an ill relative overseas.
A TV channel which showed a kangaroo being rescued out of the water by a couple of fishermen, stirring my feelings of helplessness.

These are examples of what I know I would rather not do for life. As a highly intuitive person, I felt instinctively that it has been my mission to find out how life works – how I work and how to navigate everything.
By that I mean, like I wrote in My Number Is 6 Glasses Of Wine #selfcare, a relationship with myself and figuring out what I’m not OK with – was a great first step.

Figuring out what I will not compromise on, space and feelings of self love and where I get happiness from, became a priority. It also helps to not travel after several years of bouncing around countries.

Luckily, a girlfriend I stayed with for my birthday week (falling in line with casual work time) understood me thoroughly and we are on a mission called project relaxation.

Why? Because rushing becomes a habit. Because chores and timing become your life. You pick up on cues around you to jump up and do stuff. As someone who likes to serve others and create a welcoming atmosphere, being ‘me first’ comes as a very foreign idea. But we are moving forward!

My steps for highly intuitive, empath people in the modern world:

Space. Noise. People. Sleep. Smell. Crystal.

Block the noise. I find that by having headphones on while in the city and on public transport, I don’t react or hear noises as loudly. My system gets a rest. I recommend looking at sports headphones (wireless, don’t look stupid like apple pods) such as the Sony ear pieces.

Space. Guard that shiz. I believe any person needs actual space in order to grow. That means less dominating people pointing fingers at how to live your life. And it means room for you to express yourself. Sometimes, you want to make excuses so that people don’t create drama in your space and don’t steal your energy or invade your peace.

People. Saying no to people who do not return your energy. And who put you on the low priorities list. Judging for myself, I usually helped whoever asked for it. Regardless of whether they were bitchy, assholes or good. Now I realized having filters for who you invest your energies into, is the key to doing better in life.

Sleep. By this I mean, switching off wifi. Having no beeps and buzzes and a clear silence to rest is awesome. It puts you in control, your mind at peace and body to rest.

This all comes down to removing sharp audible things close to you and getting rest BECAUSE intuitive, empathic people are sensitive to their environments.

Smell. A few years ago I turned to aromatherapy because I was interested in it. If I had to be a doctor, I would be a naturopath or a herbologist. I like plants and respect their uses. Having a vanilla scent, jasmine, lavender in the house warms the soul. If you want to start looking after yourself, may as well go 360 degrees. This means putting emphasis on coconut shower gel, delicious smelling shampoos and lotions. Warm candles and bathroom diffusers.

Crystal. One of my new favourite things now is crystals. We pick up on vibes and that’s another word for energy. There’s body language, speech, art and underneath all the physical stuff lies vibration. We highly- tuned in people pick up on all the vibrations around us.

That’s how we know things before others do. It doesn’t mean we are ready for the information and the depth of humanity floating around us, but it does mean we can read situations more accurately than others.

Some call this a gift. But there is purpose to everything and I feel it is our job to find out the big Ws: what, who and why.
So why is crystal like the amethyst so important regarding energies? We are basically emitting and soaking energy everywhere we go. We get happy, we get miserable. We get frustrated, we get excited. We get worried then we feel relieved.
Here is a link for all kinds of crystals and their purpose:
And why is this job so important? Because energies are literally signals. I recently turned 29 and gave myself a mental, shiny gold trophy for figuring out some elements of life. It happened as my closest friends turned up and made sure I was surrounded by food, drinks and just overall happy.

A cycle of making each other content is the most beautiful thing I know. And the next day I felt tearful because I had been in a totally different position at 22.

A couple of house invitations, some excitement, laughs and compliments over the cake I bought, I felt I was swimming. There was meaning, my people were having fun and overall the party was a success. I was surrounded by people who cared which meant a lot.

Energy is a signal of state of mind at its purest, therefore it is a signal whether to approach someone or whether something will add to your life; what marketers call value.

I was intuitive from a young age and gravitated where I picked up the most compatible vibes. This means, I developed friendships with people who had a lot in common with me and had a similar understanding of the world. The chemistry was easy. Ergo I landed long lasting friendships. This also works with networking, picking up the best vibes and creating a cool company of people. The friendships radiate much further than the person; they influence your whole world. I now believe the gravity of this gift should not be underestimated.

Now, I am unapologetic with my gifts and reach conclusions faster.

Dear Empaths and Non Empaths, here’s my 4 cents on the whole topic.
Sensitivity is a great thing if you understand it and apply it to life. And if you respect it, taking it seriously, you can educate poorly informed judgmental people on how to help themselves. Then the labels stop. And you essentially accept a part of yourself, leading to a fuller spiritual life.

Filtering people in your life is probably the most important step you can make, when you decide to make a step. I realized around 22 years that the top reason I was getting screwed over by people I called friends – had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with their issues and how they used my information against me. To serve themselves. Distance yourself and replace your company.

Self-love with boundaries and unapologetically being you and catering to your needs is so powerful, people will look at you in awe. Yah bitch, this is what self-love work looks like. It’s awesome and inspiring.

It might look like the world is against you sometimes with all the noise and hecticness and people not working on their own problems but I insist, you are way more important than you think and the world needs your talents. Like I wrote in self sufficiency myth post, we need each other. Helping each other and sharing things is the most beautiful thing we can do in our lives. It is also growth because it’s about the greater good.

‘how is it you’re so chill?’
‘you’re doing great!’
‘How do you have the patience for this retarded thing’
‘I would have aborted ship a long time ago’

Prioritize. Accept how things are. Channel your frustrations into productive things. And use self-control: the ultimate power.

One thing I also recently acknowledged is not to hide your gift and intuitive abilities, but after all this – realize it can bring you profit. Build your muscle and use it to establish yourself, then serve others.

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