Sleeping With The Enemy #bunchofflaminggalahs #babyboomers

Ah, my uncles and aunts, biological and adopted – grandmothers, 50 year old pompous businessmen and my favourite travelling entrepreneurs. I do love you (and them). Some can admit their lives were crazy in a good way – some can say they learned from their mistakes and some are feeling very lonely.

After working in sales at the airport, a couple of things became clear to me.
Lavish lifestyles for the privileged white Australians – anglo Saxons – that means they have properties they own, plenty of time to relax and plenty of money to splurge. And family all over the country.

Some aren’t spoiled snakes; I met a couple living in Perth on stop over to Airlie beach to have their 3 day boat cruise. And another Tasmanian couple that live in the middle of the country and could be the healthiest seniors you’ll ever meet. One I met on the Virgin wing, another in the Qantas terminal.

On the extreme end, these are spoiled and judgmental people. THESE are the people I have a thing against.
They are also the ones mocking the young generation, being ignorant at the present state of the world, its challenges (and they do know they have the crème de la crème of privileged lifestyles.

I am very much aware that with the right resources you can live like a king in any country, but I believe that doubles up in Oz. Why’s that so? Huge span of beaches; laidback culture; fresh seafood; glorious sunsets that are one of the world’s most enviable (personally proud of them too) and friendships on street corners. The slowest, most laidback form of life.

And because these critters know they have it good, they decide to not share that wealth with the millennials (their great grandkids) and keep that paradise going.

From what I can tell, this is the generation that let some nice corruption to flow in. Greed. Greed. Power. Greed. According to sources, news and history – I’m not sure if the vast majority of Aussies know how to spend. As in, selling some PUBLIC asset to whoever PRIVATIZE – and then eating up the wealth they get from that asset. And going broke quickly.

How the heck does that work. It’s alarming!

From my time in sales I realized not many people can do math. Like, wholesale math. The kind of math that tells you that stocking up on say coffee, is cheaper than buying one tiny pack on its own.

This generation believes the coastline is up for grabs, without having a nice little chat with the younger generation that’s supposed to inherit that coastline. They just up and sell. Make no mistake that’s exactly the mentality of the parents of a couple of people I live with.

There’s corruption – technology and – hypocrisy:
In their little bubble of ‘best’ and arrogant because they’re know-it-alls. Can be very abstract and go left field in conversations.
No, we don’t live with ‘apps’ … what is this nonsense? Nah, my daughter can do that for me. Oh my son will order extra wine next month, looking forward to it.
Oh, someone in the family is sad? Why? Mate, you have so much to look forward to!
Depression? Social isolation? Go outside and play!
What do you mean you can’t find a nice stable guy? Let me set you up with my friend’s grandkid, he’s just turned twenty seven.
What’s going on with your job mate, why did you get made redundant? I’m sure you’ll get that promotion next month honey, you’ve been working so hard and been so good like I taught you.

Mental illness in kids –
Isolation, bullying and an online life was never the trend in the 70s and 80s. It is now….


They pretend they know everything (only valid in their world) – models of partnership, business, all the good stuff they know and live with and love. Which does not actually exist any more, only for their generation. Such as quality airlines – food and beverage, quality produce, quality pension funds, networks and space.

That Anglo Saxon culture of superiority, the Australian apathy (the downside to Australia in that the common ruling party prides itself for being ignorant) and amazing acting abilities of a culture and demographic that keeps so much wealth to itself, is what drives me up the wall.

I did the dirty. Unless I can find a point in that demographic that I can bond with and therefore respect, I don’t spare any feeling or honour. Exposure to selling to the Australian baby boomers (and many others across the world) made me the opposite of lots of millennials out there –

I stopped feeling scared of them. The intimidating superiority and ignorance is just an act. Inside they’re either totally spoiled children disengaged from the millennial lifestyle and want to brag about their wonderful life without any care for their young ones (if they do have young ones; they see life from the life of the 40 or 30 year old).

Once I remember a gentleman stopped by at my old work at the airport and took a long silly look at me and asked where I was from. Sensing his attitude I said ‘Guess’ instead of giving an immediate, pleasing, serving answer. As an employee I was encouraged to be playful to make the sale. For a girl of my age, he wasn’t expecting so much confidence and eagerness to play a game.

He took a few guesses while checking out some products and I held in my huge urge to shake his neck. To be honest I had these urges to bash these people over several times. They live in their own worlds. I take delight in standing my ground and challenging them. I told him the answer in the end to avoid looking like an ass at work, and frankly the game wasn’t fun any more because he wasn’t playing fair or smart.

It’s funny. Perhaps its their body language and mannerisms – assuming, commanding, totally at odds with my generation. – compassionate, doubtful, fighters, incredibly confused.

But I know how to take them now. With a pinch of salt. Again, I’m talking about the ignorant ones that don’t care about the realistic state of current events. The ones that push their agendas onto people who know better. (like us 20-30 year olds)

Because of that, when they talk about their privileged lifestyles such as – travels, clubs, education, health – it enrages me that my age group just accepts a confused, complex world where we hide in our music, movies and food. Distract, distract, distract.

Do you know what. Many times I wanted to state my experience with the different types of elderlies – and many times I thought how the hell do I talk about this. Particularly since we know the status quo, the power they have.

I love the elderlies if they respect and can be adults, communicative and empathic, with my generation. With my friends. If not, then this is why I write about them.
I read an article online about the baby boomers and their awesome insights especially regarding education – which I have profound respect for. And it triggered me to write my 2 cents on the matter.


Easy lifestyle
Best income
Best pension

The start of corruption
They don’t actually care about the future
Spoiled – everything at their finger tips without needing to fight
Greedy and immoral
Demanding and arrogant

NB: for those intrigued by the title, I came up with it while talking to a family friend who IS HIMSELF a baby boomer. Sleeping with the enemy is a satiric and tongue-in-cheek descriptor for the man who gave me inspiration for the title, who is in fact a baby boomer but the best kind.

So the ‘enemy’ in this post is his identifying generational label and since I was getting insight into his thoughts, ‘sleeping’ was a tongue in cheek way of saying I’m doing undercover work. This is my wit. This is my humour. Enjoy!

P.S. the hashtag Galahs is to be credited to the man regarding baby boomers travelling in packs and enjoying their life in their sweet groups like herds of Australian birds. Appropriate.
Link: Galahs.

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