My Hook-Ups, Politics And John Leguizamo #soyyo #colombia #latino

Soy yo: I am me, whatcha gona do? My hook ups, white supremacy and a comedian john Leguizamo.

Being someone who migrated a couple of times and felt like a strange minority, I am no stranger to stepping it up when the status quo isn’t in my favour.

This is also my weak spot when it comes to cool guys who chase the truth but also find themselves struggling to find a center, a family of any kind. Those are my affairs.
then there’s politics – white supremacy. No lie, it’s everywhere. If you haven’t noticed my amazing girl Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez tweets, the cray cray in the u.s. parliament and her own life.

It’s nuts in there with all its corruption. And domination.

Then there’s a comedian – someone I just found, who’s got balls and theatricality and intelligence needs a bloody medal. John Leguizamo. I needed to go to sleep and couldn’t tear myself from the screen – Netflix, you finally delivered something brilliant.
(Called History of Latin America for Morons) 

And thanks to him you get a vivid imagery of the terrible, brutal and crazy things history has to show about the native americans and their history around the conquest – north south and center. John frames his act with a story of heroically trying to save his sanity and his kid by researching on the greatness and contributions of the Latin people to American history.

I did like, one course which analysed Moctezuma and the Aztecs but that’s about it. So he really delved into an animated performance on each event and statistic and left me with a curious sensation – I was almost starting to regret leaving my Swiss Mexican hook up:
What to do when a Latino approaches you

Then there’s this project I’m working on which came to me out of the blue two years ago. I called it Map of Red Countries because it was inspired BY a map of red countries – the most unlawful countries in the world. I put a fun spin on it, made it in the present tense and put some thrill and suspense in there. And, loads of real life events I’ve experienced. And as of listening to Bomba Estereo, a Colombian band which fits my time and place, I realized Colombia, Latinos and my plot would meet again. Because there is far too much depth to cover even for my understanding.

Soy yo (link)
That’s actually at the heart of my character. Not going to give spoilers but the whole time he’s going what the heck am I doing? Why is nothing working for me?

Soy yo mean I am me in Spanish. No matter the adversity.

There’s an awesome beat to it that’s addictive, if you don’t mind in your face, upbeat melodies.
I feel it’s a brilliant end to John’s routine actually, a very defiant beat that signals the tone ‘whatever I’m great.’

I’ve never been to the land of tango, cumbia, potatoes and chocolate. But I have a few friends who’ve gone and found intense cultural heritage and extremely giving people.

One travelled in her gap year and tactfully had her mum talk her out of staying in latin America despite a finance degree. (Slavic women are powerful)

One of my friends volunteered in Peru for a health organization based in Japan.

And another friend travelled a good part of the north, west and east sides including the islands. It is much bigger than we think, she says in regards to the continent as a whole and ‘there’s more danger in the cities because of mafias and drugs’. Very insightful.

And many more have been around. Most of them have been seduced by the area or at least by the people, seeing how different life is. After much research on Mexico in particular I figured it’s a lot like eastern Europe just way more ethically mixed and speaks Spanish. And of course, with extreme wealth you get extreme corruption. Hence for so many resources there’s nothing going on outwardly in terms of equality.

Soy yo . The song is a great statement that you’re fine as you are. Without having to act or say something. The girl in the video is little and definitely not part of the cool crowd. She dances and does stuff to express herself and that’s the whole point of the music.

Does it resonate with you?

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