Money. Is. Fabulous. #selfdevelopment #multipleincome #howdoyoudoyou

How did it feel reading the title? Did I pique your interest?

Well I came up with it after reading this awesome piece on time, wealth and routine.

It recently hit me after people were asking me and marvelling at me:

‘You’re doing great’ when I said look I’m like anyone else, I have issues and I try moving over them.
‘You’re doing amazing’ when I said I’m trying to walk and meditate when I spied on an old date stalking my Facebook stories.
‘You handled that pretty well,’ when I said I managed my hyperventilation when Mum asked for my old dates number in relation to getting some travel tips….. in my front yard, around 11am. Because I stopped talking to him two months ago.

What does this have to do with anything.

Goals, guys.

It’s simple, I want to live a great life and I know that by stewing in people’s messes and my past issues, I wouldn’t get to the pinnacle of what a great life means.

Goals mean self love. Goals mean movement. Goals mean setting boundaries to achieve something. Goals mean investment.

SO MANY times I spoke to guys online (as a person, not romantically) and said hey, you can turn your craft into business – words, poetry, cold readings.
And all those times people said ‘nah I don’t want it’ for whatever reason – the second one insinuated that money would put a dark stamp on their art.
You know how it goes.

And I realized that this crap relationship with money – which a lot of us have – was the reason these people were in dark holes. Great humans, but dark holes.

Money. Is. Fabulous.

How do you feel after you say that? Warm, powerful? Dynamic? Anything is possible.

I’ve written on spirituality, meditation, prayers and my 2 cents on experiences in Europe AND how I view people racing for extra money.
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The fact of the matter is, rich people don’t go crazy desperate trying to juggle multiple jobs to have extra money. They don’t have an air of desperation to them. They’re abundant, resourceful, have an affluent network in their phones and use time wisely.

I think money gets a bad rep because just like anything else on this materialistic planet, it gets abused. But it is amazing when you realize how it works, how it flows and what it likes.

This is actually what all the coaches preach. What are your fears and your setbacks? Are you using a growth mentality (ie you can learn from anything) or a destiny mindset (ie. What will be, will be)

Every time a rich person hits a wall, their buddies say ‘no problem, you’re closer to a yes now.’ While for the poor it’s ‘pack up, go home you douche.’ Even a plant, after like a week of negativity and insults, shrivels up. Experiments prove it.

I know a friend that I spoke to about a business opportunity, took one whiff of the relatively small costs associated with the start up, after whingeing about wanting a vacation and being rich – and said no to the costs but recommended me over to her old colleague, who knows the nature of this kind of start up.

And I respected her decision but also had a learning curve to realize. Some people want the materialism and comfortable life, but have no purpose and no vision. Always about the quick wins. But if you have a vision and happy to sacrifice a couple of things for the longer term gain, honey you’re on the ball. Whingeing about the state of your life is optional but you know you can always do something about it.

Mindset is everything and that’s what wealth coaches teach, the reason their time and wisdom and discipline is often sought for. Just by following a few on Instagram, I feel I have more positivity and insight than lots of my friends in 9 to 5 jobs. The secret? I’m not aiming for a 9 to 5 because the reality is, as I wrote here, there is no such thing.
Workaholic Or Just In Love With Your Work? #christmasbreak #whatisaholiday

I told myself, if I have to work over 50 hours a week then I may as well enrichen myself. And I have nothing against working such a load if it means a huge gain in the long run.

We are as a matter of fact, boxed in before we can even think about boxes and that’s why it’s hard sometimes to convince someone against the ‘9 to 5 till I die’ mindframe.

As an example of money mindset from wealth coaching, here’s something you could use as an example to reframe your mindset :

Thank you for providing me with 500,000 by Dec 31, 2019. I am so grateful to receive this money so that I can pay off my loans, rent, (debt etc) and take 3 vacations a year, go out with my partner, travel whenever I want, hire cleaners, buy my dream house, set up my business, give 10% to charity, finally reach financial freedom – the more detail, the better.

And you repeat that every day during meditation. It’s recommended to do it 3 times a day so you can rewire your brain into the frequency of abundance and joy.

I don’t know any wealthy person that doesn’t wake up early and meditate before getting on with the day.

Something that astounds me during the money mindset and manifestation is that when you sort out the life basics (food, roof and having plenty) and you envision yourself floating in wealth, your real calling comes out. The thing that you should be doing in life that will give wealth and joy, will materialize in front of you and it will be beautiful.

Secondly, there’s purpose and gratitude behind this paragraph. You know exactly what you want, you get aware of dates, you become aware of the kind of dream lifestyle you’re aiming for. It’s all possible, all real and just takes a bit of persistence.

Like I said, people have bad relationships with money and it shows. It’s like, being rich means you’re not human, or humanitarian or kind –
But in fact it’s just fears and assumptions talking. With more power, you can give more power. You can do more with your life.

As Bob Proctor mentioned, you can a. get comfortable and b. serve others where you can’t be present.

That’s pretty awesome.

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