11 Reasons Why You Should Date A Writer

I’ve found several posts on the net about the pros and cons of getting close to a writer. Over 60% of material explains why you shouldn’t go for a writer and how challenging they are.

Well as poet, blogger and future author I feel I have some truths to add.

< It’s about to get personal, folks >

  1. We know the awesome coffee places – good coffee, good atmosphere, good location and great staff. You’ll be hooked. Places like Dymocks (books, cafes and stationery) are a candy shop.
    We know all the tranquil areas.

  2. We should have high standards for entertainment AND books!
    I know I do – as poet, future author and blogger I like quality content.

  3. We are bloody good at expressing ourselves….. we constantly seek satisfaction for it.
    We. are. Deep. And soulful. You’ll never run out of conversation.

  4. Some of us have a great friend filter (I do) so you’ll be in quality company. No boring talks, trustworthy and credible people. Man I should set up a club.
  5. If we’re ambitious we’re like cats: lots of drink, sleep and work. Because we want to publish something very soon. If you want a successful writer, you’ll get the no BS approach, a hectic schedule and loads of creativity with awesome insight.

  6. You will feel your soul validated. I was being dramatic for a reason
    …. Lastly, we are pure awesome in a venetian glass.

  7. We don’t let the materialistic world get to us.
    Constantly questioning things, reading and looking for inspiration.

  8. You could be sent a couple of writers memes (instagram page) which mock EL James and encourage empathy for the writers world.

  9. We are not afraid of skewing things, twisting things or going with the flow to get a great story.
    Just like the gamers, lawyers and journalists, you get a whole other world with us.

    I feel like I missed a few elements because we can be very scattered – but there you go the main points!

  10. Some of us don’t have a schedule. If something works in the moment, we go with it. So if its 12pm coffee, a 3am walk or a movie at 11am its on.

  11. Kinda on the flipside: you start to re-evaluate going out, where and with whom. Because not only is time precious – your energy and satisfaction is precious. This is hilarious because I’m a steady ambivert and love to party my socks off when I find the opportunity.

Personally, if you met me you’d get into some really deep topics. The type of stuff lots of people don’t know how to start discussing. Then, you’d get some links from my blog because although this blog thing has been accidental, I am passionate about my topics.

And then you will find that I am deeply empathic, observant and a keen listener. People are heavily drawn to that in this materialistic, fast paced world.
Writers kind of carry multiple hats and can get sucked right into their own worlds.

This is why I multitask a lot. I’m hyper, always need to be doing something.
I have found that when I get serious about my work ie. completing it and sending it to people to format for publishing – suddenly time gets way more precious. 3 hours of blocking my day to write stuff, is the bare minimum.

Once you’re sucked into the awesome book world you could be stuck sitting for weeks.

Time is man made I tell ya. There’s the sun, moon and the seasons and that’s it.

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