We Can’t Shut The Fudge Up #superiority #conversation #powerofpause #stfu

It was over a meet up – or, in observing – where my first bro chatted with his new bff, a personal trainer who was hosting a home event. My bro’s sister and the PT’s girlfriend were there while I joined after having had dinner in the city.
It was fun with new excited vibes from the trainer and general chat with the rest.

And then the PT started sounding a lot like my bro when he puts on his voice to imitate ALL the media and cultures they see on the media: Netflix, music, gaming, youtube. These are typical confident, experienced millennial bro specimens. (late 20s men who’ve been around and in the mainstream culture) And then talk came to artificial intelligence and its assumed impact to our life and by the guys ‘estimation’, what would happen.

They sounded so confident. So convinced. I was semi shocked* by the tones of their voices on a topic NO ONE can accurately predict.

But it wasn’t a conversation. Two people talked out of 5, namely the guys. It was either agreement by way of silence, voice imitations or a ‘superior’ move by saying ‘yeah of course this is what will happen.’

Woof. Before I wrote on how sales led me to better conversation. Unfortunately, people think that some things associated with work will stay with work. I use my skills to build my relationships with people. That and I respect and use courtesy. Some use success to build their ego (not saying I never did) in this case it was ALL about the ego and holding ‘top dog’ status.

So we’re debating information and assuming things to make it look like we have things together and know the most. The 1st world is incredible like that: people have such stiff, solid assumptions I entertain myself with what their reactions would be to see the less fortunate. Or to the bombed… the imprisoned, or just those who’ve seen unjust practices.

The other thing is, streams of consciousness. Me and my first bro have the ability to pause for effect, drama or to listen. Our little bro can be quiet but when he talks, there’s no off button.
And he is just like the rest of us, very intelligent. I wrote about him in the post about fire signs and their sex appeal.

Sometimes I don’t know if it’s personality, over analytical minds, enquiring minds or saturation of information that equals verbal diarrhoea.

OR in the most insane alternative universe, the verbal diarrhoea is really just energy in terms of passion, frustration, happiness or … something. I’m not talking like a meta-physical, yoga junkie here but there’s a point.

I was messaging my friend the same night saying our gen is good at keeping façade that we know what we’re doing and know what’s going on when actually we just have walls up to cope with reality.

And whoever acts the most superior wins the calm and cool award. How do I know? The room was full of silence and tension, but we were playing the game of ‘all is going great, let’s have fun.’

A conversation is input, listening and empathizing, regurgitating the other’s info points. Talking shallow, talking deep. Taking pace, not rushing but slowing down (my perpetual arch nemesis because I’m naturally fast).

It’s literally like a good tennis match.

The award isn’t top dog status, it is connection and feeling heard. So not like Nadal vs. Federer, but more in vibes of Oprah speaking to Tina Turner. Or Beyonce.

You know what Oprah does.

Our gen does the opposite; holler like an animal, make fun of culture, act like we ‘accept’ the rules of a weird world and ‘assume’ things as they are, try to out-game whoever acts like they’re more superior.

Does this sound vaguely relatable? Did I hit a nerve?
I love nerves. Shoot me a msg.


*semi shocked because I’m used to hearing confident, assuming male voices in my house so I wasn’t shocked at first.

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