6 Ways The Water Signs Deserve More Appreciation #zodiac #intensestuff

Let’s get clear here. At some point or other, we all drive each other nuts.
And I don’t mean that in the sexy way.

But after my post on how fire signs might appear sexy, I came to terms with a few biases and funny enough came to muse on my awesome water signs, how they’ve helped me, and why it is 90% of my dates were Pisces.

So this is my water sign appreciation post.

First of all, the cancer. I know at least 2 amazing, nurturing and sensitive cancer signs now. And after all my efforts of researching on the leo (no it was mostly for entertainment like killing the hours at a bar waiting for a friend to come by) I decided the waters are equally powerful signs, just in a whole different way. I see them as the kind, soft, cautious crab with the shell in the water.

Deeply sensitive, emotional, deeply intelligent and introverted. They hate to disturb people unless they absolutely must.

Thanks to social media we seem to run out of patience for those who need ‘coaxing’ out into the world. The waters may seem introverted, but they’re incredibly adaptable. Fire signs would hate to be in a room where they don’t like someone (very uncompromising and extraverted) – but the waters would do their best to observe, empathize and adapt.

For example I got a picture of a couple who did the dirty on my mate and as soon as I saw the post I wrote ‘fake skank, and he’s an idiot’. She replied ‘lol he’s a doctor’. I said, ‘don’t care, he’s a douche.’ She wrote ‘lol’ in reply but I know she got me. Because in my books you stand by your friend no matter the superficial package or titles. And in reply she just went with it, no real fire coming out.

They are sentimental and romantic. They would do a lot for their families and friends and stick to their comfort zones. You ain’t getting into that shell unless you’re someone brilliant like me who’s instantly likeable and trusted.

They are nurturing and patient… mostly. I can talk to only one person about an old date that didn’t score high on my friends criteria list for awesome boyfriend – and not get fire for it.

And that’s my crabby. She gets it. She’s my ear for when I vent when some memory pops up or a trigger comes up. She’ll tell me what she thinks but she’s not going to shake outwardly at the thought of some douche taking his time with her friend.

They’re hardworking critters, but under cover. Their element is they don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves but their emotions and motivations run deep. It’s their care and gentle nature that draws me in. It also helps that they have glorious wit and especially in my case, appreciate my humour.

In fact when I met my crabby I felt an equally adventurous soul next to me, but also a sensitive and careful person. We bond over fashion, photography, celebrities and just being classy chicks.
We will talk about how people our age take kids as priority over marriage when kids are a big commitment… at a gorgeous café in the heart of the city. At the cinema, we will chat about the idiot that made my girl dip into bimbo mode just to have a chat on tinder, triggering me to write the ‘what’s the lesson in acting dumb?’ post.

My grandmother and my uncle on my mums side, are both Pisces. Ah my fishies.
Emotional, deep, sweet people. Maybe that’s why I’m comfortable with Piscean guys. I know they will never ‘harm me’. They’re also some of the most conspiratorial people you’ll ever meet. I think it’s because of the observation and awareness skills they have. They can read people – if they care enough.

They go through a lot and never think to ask for help. They will never communicate anything except for care:
Love this city!!!
Miss my grandpa!!!
Look at my gorgeous dad!!!
and their undying support for things:

Kate is my girl!!!
I’m so proud of you !!!
Look at Prince George SOOO cute!
Love you bestie!!!

As for the last two Pisces I knew – first boyfriend and second last date; they were inquisitive, observant and intuitive. And checking in for them and expressing themselves was no burden. They declared their love easily and communicated well, appreciating any gift they got. Deeply romantic. They made sure to plan ahead.

If I had any problem the protection and provision was there as was the understanding, deep talk. Like, substantial talk. They are smooth, calm enough, pretty social and attempt to please the crowd. Oddly enough for me, the majority of guys were also heavily sensual and slow. I think it’s a sign I can’t avoid any more.

Universe: pssst. You’re too fast, get a slower partner.
Me: yeah and then what? They drive me nuts.
Universe: just see how long you’ll last with an energetic guy.
Me: Mmmmhhh fine.

I have lastly, a girlfriend who’s a Scorpio. Much like the cancer symbol, these guys get a bad rep for funny reasons. The cancer is self explanatory; the Scorpio is a scorpion.
So the Scorpio is intense symbol of life stuff, resurrection and as fixed sign it’s the leo of the water signs. Except the leo is pretty huggable, can be superficial and the Scorpio is intense, prodding and confronting. They’re ‘psychic’.

My Scorpio girl loves observing and listening to people and staring is definitely her forte. Scorpio’s are good at research; she is deep, loves literature and making accurate analyses on culture and people (another mysterious topic which I adore). She’s also a nurse. And she is crazy creative with sewing clothes being her main passion.

I love designers.

Pluto rules Scorpio and it intensely merges things. Fixed signs are awesome.
… As long as they don’t hit on me at first meet up. Jokes.

The water signs are fairly reserved until they speak up. As an outgoing fire sign, I think I have a special connection to the water signs. I understand the deeper, emotional and nurturing side of things and appreciate that in them.

Because like attracts like and they appreciate my understanding in return, I have friends on both sides of the zodiac.

Scorpios are also like a magnifying glass, reading you inside and out. I don’t mind that because I have ‘confronted’ myself before anyone else can confront me. Generally in social circles you make small talks and ask about each other’s wellbeing but Scorpios dive in when they reach a topic they love.

You just never know when they’ll dive – that is an intensity I’m OK with but not many others would be … because some people are fake. And they just can’t deal with complexity and bad timing!

The fire signs in contrast are flaming whirlwinds. Truly, they’re chaotic. Exciting and dynamic, on the go or extremely social – risk takers. I know because I am one.

The waters are the exact opposite. They are literally the underground spies of the world, introverted yet deadly with their own charm, intelligence and ability to ‘remain low’ yet critically aware of what’s going on. They get the depths of character and human emotion.

Perhaps this is also why I found it so easy to be ‘low key’ like in my post memoirs of a playgirl, that my moon is in Pisces and I can understand how to behave and release the least amount of signals of what I’m actually up to. I can be ‘smooth’ and ‘undercover’ and understand the intense emotional part of being a human.

If you need a buddy who likes scotch that will talk wars, guns and politics; I know a Pisces that will do that. If you need to vent and get some witty conversation while in a cinema, my crab is right there. If you need a Scorpio that will laugh at literature and people’s craziness, they will be more than happy to sit down over a linguine and chat.

There are many advantages of this water sign!

All that said, please bear in mind dear readers, that these astrological musings are a fun way to be aware of and appreciate what’s around.
I have never justified any actions on my sign or my nationality.

If you’re reading this bottom part DM me so I can post something else that’s cool !

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