Why Fire Signs Might Appear Sexy

Something caught my attention the other day. It was my newest housemate, his ways of talking and his energy. Something simmered underneath the exterior, and I don’t mean like an Italian pasta sauce made from scratch. I mean a strength, something playful and incredibly smart. Something fairly young with enthusiasm. An energy that will delight in playing with fire…. And have a type of mastery over it.

I am talking about a typical aries male – give or take. Some are more aggressive than others. These guys love taking risks, are complete fluffballs on the topic of love and they have a sensual appreciation of the world. They seem to use all 5 senses. Incredibly analytical, they can see through most things. Also can be intensely stubborn. If they want to challenge you… you have a battlefield ahead. They won’t stop until they conquer, and I mean that.

Personally, I can only take on the leo or the sagittarius. The leo has a grounding, a pride but no spitfire to them; the Sagittarius is everywhere and anywhere and loves bouncing, loves deep philosophy. For the typical aries, I leave a wide berth of space for any task. We absolutely hate being choked of space. We need room to do stuff. All three have incredible charm in their own rights; the social pleasers, the happy experimenters and direct, genuine straightshooters.

The sensuality of the aries is in some points, enjoying the world in all 5 senses – playing around, the heat and enjoyment in any type of banter. They love a good challenge and approaching tasks in an intense way.
Some of us have lots of tact as result of world experiences; some of us have an addiction to awesome cheese on pizza. Some of us want to win and be right but from what I’ve seen that’s not part of the sensuality of the sign because being sensual is an attractive quality and being in the game to win isn’t always a great thing.

Now to really get it, I compared the fire (specifically aries) to others like – water and earth. Because I feel many things above could describe anyone but it takes some strong intuition to sense energy that is one of 4. I’m only good at one of 3.

Fire – in intensity, is expressed as an extraverted type of behaviour. It burns, it conquers. It needs room. Each of the three signs are quite unique in the way they express their intensity.

Water – is incredibly sensitive. It’s gentle, intuitive, almost forgiving. My first bro is a feisty fish, but that’s it. Feisty but not firey. No simmering under his skin. One of his trademarks is knowing how to deal with fire women and I gotta say, I appreciate that.

Earth – very grounding. No-nonsense, thorough and pragmatic. Stable (to a fault). My stepdad is an incredibly intelligent goat that, with a bit of patience and a thorough P.I. mind, flourishes with mum’s whirlwind mindset.
And why out of the three (focusing on the ones I have more experience with) do I find the fires the most sexy? Why would anyone?

Well, after researching like crazy on compatibilities and characteristics of some signs – a lot to do with my frustrations with a certain leo that just won’t budge (article: unlikely romances, astrology yay or nay). And a lot to do with my previous experiences being in a house full of misunderstandings between two fires.

… it comes down to this:
Understanding of the same mindset.
Similar energies
All 5 senses are intensely explored
Love of good banter and good philosophy
Similar decision making skills
Most of the time, fires like to look good.. going back to the 5 senses point
Some of the most generous people I know
Quick thinkers – goes back to same mindset theory

No need for explanations, synchronizations just appear. I find that fires, out of all the energies – and perhaps the water – can keep up with me, intensity and depth galore.

So it’s not really about appearance. It’s the mind.
Attraction begins with interest, alignment and excitement. Something that literally catches the eye.

Once I remember having a guy purr at me, ‘hey sexy,’ and I told him just for kicks, to call me pretty and he objected – ‘but you know that you are sexy.’
I blinked. Is this how male fire signs see things? Because in that moment I wasn’t feeling sexy, I was just being me. Being confident. Experimental. He was under the impression that I knew this = sexy.

The hilarious thing is that I questioned why everything between us was intense – the flirting, teasing, whatever exchange there was, never quite ‘in control’. It’s not a bad thing considering a meeting of similar minds but can be very irritating when you want to stick to an ‘agenda’. Two fires. Watch out.

As for me, based on reflection and feedback I’m an exhilarating ride. In the right moment I am a hurricane of depth, projects and mystery. Yeah I don’t know how mystery fits in there but beneath my own smoulder I like to manage my own gossip. People always want what they can’t have and always want to know the next thing that’s new. I must be a bit of both. Ergo, mystery.

I am aware of some magic that holds people rooted in my presence because I like people to feel good, feel playful and enjoy life. That third one keeps surprising me because a kind of hedonism (article: why hedonism can be good) intrigues both genders.
I am very direct, sometimes bold and generally know what I want; this can take some people back. Also a typical fire trait. We leave no prisoners… that we know of.

If you want to know more just pop an email and I’ll take a look within the week – theanna266@gmail.com

Otherwise scroll here for juicy stuff.



5 thoughts on “Why Fire Signs Might Appear Sexy

  1. As a Leo male with an Aries male son, I can say to you ladies that yes – we ARE a challenge – and worth every ounce effort 😉


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