What’s Refreshing: Tinder Rejection or Long Distance Work?

Scrolling down a very humouristic and passionate article on vogue (lol was about to write elite daily) I saw some screenshot worthy quotes a lady had written on her friends and her own experiences with long distance.

It was riveting because I deeply related to a hook up which was assumed to be a 5 minute thing, turn into something WAY more. And then the ‘questioning the sanity’ about ‘hanging onto’ a love OVERSEAS. And the best part – about the fact that you must really care and like each other enough to dive into a long distance situation, mostly because you doesn’t see a choice in the matter.

The sweetest part, at the bottom, was how she argued that fighting for something overseas beat the endless scrolling tinder experience any day. I would concur because I used to do the same thing. It’s epic. It’s heartfelt. You have nothing but communication in front of you so you either be bluntly honest – like me – or just wail in misery – sometimes me, although more in frustration. Because without the honesty you will get the most dishonest relationship – and some of us feel that time ain’t infinite.

Following this, what stuck in my mind was something epically beyond borders in the vibes of this guy who was always messaging me – reassuring me and declaring just about, that his heart was on the table (or some part of it) whether I was or wasn’t on his continent (article). And the extreme polar opposite – an old friend from overseas, hanging his hat on his dating life because he couldn’t find a dependable, trustworthy lady. And he had tried and gotten close to some.

He instead put his focus on work and another type of success.

Personally I want to go give those girls a kick up the butt but in the broader scheme of things I want to point out how much technology could ruin human relationships.

My old friend is not the only one hanging his hat and yet secretly hoping some miracle will pop up.
Lastly I told him a few points of the progression I had in my long distance weirdness and he said, I would love to get to know ONE girl who won’t show interest in any one else.

That’s when you know that, crossing an ocean and ‘trying’ means something.

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