I Hope My Guy Doesn’t Mind My Appreciation for Jordan Peterson #frothing

OK so I might be in a mental love affair with a man – Jordan Peterson – who makes loads of sense of our modern life struggles.
This is …. a lot. Because I’m wrestling with explanations (to anyone!) of the meaning of spirituality, religion, politics and why we should pay attention to that in this crazy corrupted world.

And then my other topic right now – weak masculinity.

I will post about a fantastic example of that because a few issues reached my awareness under that umbrella.
Weak masculinity: From drugs, bad behaviour, ambiguous relationships, chronic masturbation (or whatever) to how females ruthlessly use man’s biggest insecurity (useless male genitalia) to feel superior when they jump into relationships.
Because that one is about instant gratification, low self worth, lack of identity, adult infants and lack of leadership.
But right now I want to pay a tribute – just paint a giant red heart here right now –

To this awesome man who is pointing out all the troubles we are facing and WHY.
I don’t know about you but the WHY to me is soul food. I do tons of my own analysis as a hyper person and for this beautiful creature to put his stuff out there like I do – OK, I’m going to stop salivating. To the good stuff.

I’ve had SO MANY questions of why something has been happening, causing sadness and confusion and these clips don’t just explain the state of affairs but also explain our human condition right now. These are the topics that I binge-watched like a thirsty girl:

The negatives of divorce, playing around and procrastinating on your destiny
The importance of masculinity, self-development, and responsibility
The importance of male role models
The cost of false celebrity

Why bother getting married
How to know you’re dealing with a future spouse
Culture contributing to negative views of youth unemployment
How women are the actual nature gatekeepers
How pornography affects young men

…..and I devour the clips because they’re real; he’s not someone coming to shove his opinion down your throat about apocalypses, what worked for his time and economy and family, or passing judgment on our lifestyle these days.

He has respect and sees answers from philosophy, spirituality and literature; complex imagery with ideas is taken in a nutshell and communicated to us, the lost generation.
He pays attention to the audience – not many profs do.
He knows the value of a good story

He gives feedback of his experience…. This resonates with me, leaves me with respect and – well – with great answers, I want to write a loving review like this one.
From our individual thoughts, feelings and experiences and why all of it is important to how we live and be friends with each other – the man pushes all that through.

He also analyses the deep meaning behind classic Disney films, archetypes and how they are repeated in movies like Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and so on.
I really like how he pits himself against media heavyweights and gives his passionate opinion on a topic. Something about that makes my eyes light up – maybe it’s because public substance has vanished. Maybe it’s because it shows courage, care and owning the power of the academic and humanistic worlds.
Maybe it’s because I would do the same if I was him.

Then there’s great answers for why guys behave the way they do when online, they get rejected by women. For why that big question “why are women attracted to jerks and bad boys” mystifies the nice guys looking for a relationship. And why it is that not many female archetypes are in the movies.

Lastly, the reason your life partner should be a challenge – something just about all my guy friends and I have discussed and I brought up when a girl friend asked what to do with this guy that was driving her nuts.
Peterson simply puts 2 and 2 together and says oh guys we are struggling here and these are my ideas why.
Anna: *salivates* *schemes up how to take the guy out for a coffee*

And the cutest reason so far… and some comments acknowledged this, he gets passionate and happy talking about his wife. He openly smiles. That’s love.

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