An Ode To Cafes

A good café.
This is a place that is close to church.

Serene, laidback, a coffee machine making satisfying noises. Neutral, calming wooden hues. A padded chair. Headspace to zone out of reality and enjoy something sacred: coffee.

This would be a good Cafe. No frantic energy, nice and appealing staff. Down to earth or classy vibes. No restrictions no yelling. I got very fussy with my cafes after my time in Europe. I enjoy a good takeaway and seeing who makes it and how it’s made.

Its more than a transaction, it’s a lifestyle. I make sure my enjoyment is heard, loud and proud when I love what I get.

“Thank you! I’m on the moon now!”
“Ohh yeeaaaah”
Staff: *smile and giggle*.

It’s a cup of magic, protein, sugar, hard labour, professionalism, art and – I just love good froth. There’s nothing in the world that can’t be solved with a good sit down, a talk and coffee appreciation.
And we all know the appeal of a sexy barista. …I went out with one. He introduced me to the powerful macchiato – yeah, I don’t do those now. Shaking hands and a bitey espresso were cool in your early 20s. Now it’s time to settle for a calming cuppa, fellas.

JK Rowling wrote in cafes.
And so did countless other creative souls. I don’t think I’m any different. In fact somehow a duality works out: I have my space, with no rushing around. And the people and ambience makes me get hard to work. It’s a psychological thing, where being around people makes your head wire up faster.

The coffee somehow slows you down for long enough to appreciate life from the side. When rushing, sitting down is powerful.
And when I can properly sit down, I make publicly known, digitally. Its enjoyment, art, sophistication.
…. it’s my lifestyle and I want people to share it.

The best part is that I get lots of good headspace at a good café. Even better is that I’ve had good talks with guys at café bars who became love interests – and friends who really needed support.

What’s your sacred and happy place?

My next goal in life is to get a lavender coffee and a sparkly one. No, Instagram didn’t make me do it. It’s just about getting more out of life.
If I have to head down to Melbourne then so be it. I am committed to a passionate life.

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