Do You Feel You’re Worth 50 Bucks?

Do you see yourself worth 50 bucks?

How your relationship with money can change. Being in a wealthy country and having financial education can really boost your levels of understanding how money works. Let’s face it… in a poor place, ie constantly in debt – you always owe someone something, you will never understand what money actually is.

When you do earn something, you look at the economy and how much you are actually worth, that’s when you will understand what a 100, 50 or 1000 bucks actually means. And then you will see it totally differently and your motivation to earn that kind of money changes.

This has nothing to do with age and something to do with mindset and mentality, maybe some maturity but I see cheapskate people – 10 years, 20, 40, I see wealthy mindsets 12, 16, 40, 60. It’s an understanding of yourself in the world. Do you think you’re worth 50 bucks? I don’t.

I know because I went on airtaska and saw all the things people do for cash – bearing in mind 50 bucks in the current economy isn’t worth much. Some food for 3 days, train ride for 3 days, maybe a nice top somewhere cheap. There’s loads of tasks for 20, 50, a hundred bucks for anything menial or IT related.

For some reason there was something in me that went ‘nup.’ I wouldn’t do something for 50 bucks.
Unless I was completely poor and, on the street I wouldn’t do just anything for 50 bucks. Let me tell you why.

Essentially I know the value of money and economics. Here, 50 bucks is a 20. What is that actually going to get you? A trip around Sydney for a day. Food to last 2 days. A few sessions of coffee with friends. Or it gets you a top for work.. if you go for a non sale item. With a garment that doesn’t go crap. If you go into a different economy, outside a crazy world that’s inflated, you’ll find 50 bucks gets you a whole kingdom. From food to drink to going out somewhere, getting a great outfit if you’re a girl – and if you’re a guy, rent a boat somewhere maybe.

When you figure out the value behind a note – that’s when you think – well, what is this and how much am I willing to work for that? Entrepreneurs might disagree with this; I get that. We all have different views. That’s great. Everything depends on your mindset and what you think your worth is and how you will bargain to get your 50 bucks. Or to get to a 100.

How you would sell yourself for that? There’s a meme going around that’s relatable, about spending 100k on a 40k job. It’s true ! that’s where debt comes from. Working beyond your means. Or trying to give a better impression than you have.

So how much do you think you’re worth?

it’s a tough question. Its asking for your psychology and attitude, you to demonstrate an understanding of the world and not many people do – depending on the country. The class system. It’s an emotional response … After all to get that 50 bucks its our heart, soul and spirit going in.
That’s a physical body going in there for 50 bucks, whatever job you’re asked for.

Update: The backstory to this: I got a finance education while doing a business master in Switzerland. I was an Aussie following my heart and my principles, to stay with family and get my career going.

I was very focused – and after understanding the way money bounces in accounting and basics of investing, a lot of my philosophies flipped.

Liabilities is Assets minus Stockholders Equity.

I created some new ones. Such as, investing in the right stuff to bring wealth.

In the meantime, I was based in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Which means I got to know how the south works while getting to know rich Italians and …. the whole world. What does that got to do with being worth 50 bucks? (euros, swiss francs, aussie dollars)…

People negotiated. I found out that crucially, if you negotiate the value of something in the south or east – you won. Because it’s about getting the best offer. Trying to negotiate the best deal for 2 watches in a swiss department store however, is strangely embarrassing.

The minute I know someone around me is into bargaining, I am a little scared by that. It means that person knows how to fight, debate, manipulate and win a discussion. And is not afraid to in the right circumstance. Here, set prices are not set.

These guys know they’re worth 1000 bucks because no one could convince them life is worth less.

Photo: mine, circular quay chinese new year 2018

Thank you for reading ! 🙂

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