Why It Pays To Be Hedonistic

Avert your eyes: I am about to bash my favourite topic, east meets west.

Getting right down to it.

The East uses parties to do business. The East shows off, royally. Still not sure why, could be a masquerade of “I have plenty, I am giving and awesome” in a group setting. It’s about a party that can go on forever with the right occasion: Mexicans, Russians, Italian and Spanish – Latinos and perhaps Africans, there is no pause button. Party is the lifestyle (ever checked out the hilarious GV lifestyle Instagram?).
I was once at a Swiss- Mexican party which went for a day and a night and yet nothing compared to what one guy did on a new years eve party which lasted two days.

The West for some reason, finds no effort to be king. Masks are played out: whoever shows emotion first, loses. Watch: Queen of Britain. To ‘party’ means to be an idiot, a clown, someone who has no boundaries. It means to waste time. Stiffness is the name of the game.

This is being stereotypical but we have all met such characters.

And so the topic, hedonism, can pay off coming from this: being open, giving and generous. By definition it is the pursuit of pleasure and sensual self-indulgence. It is helping yourself to fun, to opportunity and new experiences with all 5 senses. Maybe even 6.

In the community, at work, that universal principle of giving and pursuing satisfaction comes back tenfold. Trust, connection, an economy – starts something magical.

What’s hedonistic to the west is a lifestyle for the east.

For the east, in art, culture, music, food, rest – whatever you put your finger on, there is an explosion of colour and adrenaline.

Why does that pay off?
The point of meetings and gatherings is to connect and see people’s true intentions, true colours. It is to communicate.

Ie playing golf with a business partner. Going bowling with an arch nemesis; tennis with gossipers, or a simple pizza with church friends.

If you can trust the person and let your hair down, that’s click bait in real life. The number one thing a business needs to survive is community. Heck that’s the start of everything.

I read somewhere that my zodiac works its butt off but when it comes to play, its downright hedonistic. Which can surprise people. And I relate to that. Because it has happened.

I guess people see me as someone that controls herself, fun but perhaps reserved. Not impulsive, sensible. So when it comes to letting hair down, there is no backing down – I dance, chat, drink, make things happen. I either let go while someone dances bachata with me, or scheme up as I’m talking in a group.

But because I come across as genuine and not status seeking, people open to me much faster. I think that’s the trick.

It is about the ‘chase of satisfaction in the material world’. Which to the west, is difficult to understand because to begin with, you’re a being with no outward display of feelings. Public displays of affection are kept to a minimum, voice hushed – bottoms up.
As the great Ricky Martin mentioned, if you feel good with his music (as someone then called it hedonistic) then that’s what he lives for, and what he aims for.

On second inspection of a few Youtube clips, I go into psychoanalysis mode: what if the west is simply terrified of eastern hedonism because it means emotion, appealing to all five senses, a type of seduction, allowing yourself to enjoy something – and because it means doing work on yourself as a person? Before you know what makes you tick, you need to find out who and what you are.

Western stiffness wouldn’t help in that department. They decide messy, chaotic show of emotion is not right.

So the next time you put some colour into your life – voice an opinion, start an event – ask yourself, am I having fun?

Because life is too short. A lot is up to interpretation…. and you never know who or what you might attract.

Hedonism is another interpretation of the extent to which you enjoy life.

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Picture: mine, Sydney.

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