Public Credit: Why Greek Boys Over Spanish?

Who would you believe? A Spaniard or a Greek boyfriend?
This is a legitimacy question. But why?

Because I knocked into the theme after I told a couple of girls how I got hit on at Sydney’s Circular Quay – casually munching on hungry jacks on Chinese New Year celebrations.

Just confidently I informed 2 guys and their wingman that I had a guy, in Greece – and they plummeted into their jokes and probing questions until I flipped them off. 3 dudes in their 30s. Because they started talking about virgin olive oil and I sensed a change in the atmosphere.

Dude, if you can’t carry a nice conversation with a confident and intelligent lass at the beautiful harbour, get outta here.

Yeah, my time and space is precious.
Moving on.

I message my friends since my phone is glued to me. The one time none of my Australian friends could turn up on a Friday night, and I happen to be at the harbour and they start asking me questions over Facebook.

‘I told them I have a Greek dude.’
My girlfriends told me, ‘Ah! Good thing you didn’t say he was Spanish!’
And I joked, ‘Yeah because that would make my guy less legit, wouldn’t it.’

I have no idea why it was an issue of legitimacy but I did know that I was going to take the mystical Greek boyfriend more seriously. And the three guys more importantly, would also treat the deal seriously. I just had to sell it.

And these are my assumptions:
South Europe, to the west, is a party nation. Chaotic, social, colourful, loads of fun.

Ie. I say ‘I want to party the rest of my life away’ – and I do –
And the west goes ‘wow not many people would admit that.’ (Or that was the reply of my white Australian, degree graduate lawyer.)

The east goes yes! when? Where are you?

Because that’s the culture. The party is part of life, part of how we socialize and figure out who we want to do business with – and how we celebrate being alive, connecting and the joy of doing things together.

How the heck does this idea of enjoying life, socializing and bonding – differ from country to country? Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey.. the Balkans –
It’s dealing with the same family-oriented people, with the players and nerds, with loads of heritage and sports, drink, music and good food and pure fun.

In other words, why is my mythical Spanish guy harder to believe than my Greek guy?

I’m going to assume that the Greeks have a bigger reputation of being philosophy central with high hygiene and intelligence standards. And the Spaniards have their heritage too but somehow not taken seriously. Not even going to include Italy here with their culture pride, food and fashion. The irony is that I never went for an Italian guy – but the other two seem manageable. Just.

Both party like crazy. Both love families and their households – hospitality, helping and protecting their people is a huge deal.
But somehow going out with a guy who’s from Athens is seen as way more legitimate than going out with a guy from… Andalusia, Spain.

It begs the question of expectation: what is it people expect when you tell them you’re taken?

Perhaps a degree of consistency, seriousness, support, the possibility of a future family unit. Hard evidence – a photo, a name, a ring, ‘I’m meeting someone’ or ‘I’m getting picked up by my fiancé’
… Unless the guy has pure intentions for a chat, a lighter or for directions – that’s normally the deal for a single guy (or 3) to back away.

I’m sorry but anyone from any culture can be serious and shower their love with affection and build towards a wonderful future. So, what is this myth, this reputation that stops one culture’s credibility to be real over another?

Credit for this post goes to my handful of friends that contributed to one very tired pair of hands on the evening of 16th February. But, no regrets. Between the phone, the crowds and the beautiful harbour I was never bored.

Picture: mine, Zurich salsa festival

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