5 Reasons I Respect Mark Manson’s Influential Book

Surprise !
It’s the first anniversary of the creation of this blog. This time last year I was a writing machine and decided to make my thoughts public. 70+ blogs later I can’t believe I’m still here.
Now to deliver the verdict on a popular mainstream figure:

I’ve observed almost no female I know likes to make book or movie reviews online so this time it may as well be me –

I will admit on picking up ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’ that I was expecting a curious story and some ranting. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a great sense of humour, lots of wit, great cases and a 5th dimension to something you would assume is a passionate rant on a topic of someone’s “giving up” materialistically – like eat pray love and other spiritual journey books. Mark Manson had a nice structure, some philosophy… and a step by step process of what to do with his mindset. I can respect that.

You start reading and you’re hooked: concise chapters full of jokes and depth, not just his take on life but also steps on getting rid of the inessential in your pursuit of meaning, to see what you really should be… giving a f–k about.

To my delighted surprise he also gave a good summary on the Russian culture. 4 out of 5 stars because I laughed more than twice at Dymocks.

The perks of an intelligent, well-travelled author is that you can laugh and relate with him. To satisfy a reader like me is no easy task, that’s already a substantial goal.

If you get easily offended, not the book for you. If you have no sense of humour, also not the book for you.

It is comedy in a book, many spiritual life lessons in a book, and most importantly a glorious no bulls—t approach to yourself, society, the world and your ambition.

Mark Manson is the curious, crazy uncle you wish you had (at the completion of the book, of course).

It’s refreshing because Manson isn’t selling anything and it’s not literature material. He is addressing the by-product of capitalism: you must have this and you absolutely need that. And too much anxiety.

It is also curious that one of the most glowing comments came from a highly praised Australian Hollywood actor – aside from the Canadians I don’t know which other culture would take this ‘screw them’ approach to living.

I’m pretty sure I made a blog on this called benefits of indifference (when I had less grey hairs): and I agree with his message, in terms of focusing on what gives you satisfaction – and flipping anyone else off. It is subtle. And it is an art. Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Manson’s reminder to live YOUR life.

Ps. Excellent note on being comfortable about being different.
P.p.s. Someone should have paid me at Dymocks on George street, 4 people took the red book while I was reading and laughing.
P.p.p.s. I did not buy the book as I’m in the middle of some house maintenance aka. nowhere to put anything – and skimmed all the cool chapters to gather evidence for Manson’s source of awesome.

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