Dying My Hair Blond and the White God Theory

What is in hair colour?

As much as I understand that this could be seen as a post for girls because they stereotypically change hair colour more; I aim to have universal understanding of what the bloody hell is going on when someone goes brunette to blond, blond to red head.

A few female CEOs dye their hair blond… not by accident. I checked. I also checked with a good girlfriend of mine and my own motivations for going as blond as possible.

Debra Messing got consistent acting jobs by turning to red hair.
Marilyn Monroe went from brunette to blond as well, boom blond bombshell.
I also researched the idea of “white gods” because that’s what I tripped over while skimming the Googled question “why am I so obsessed with blonds”.

It is a thing.

Once in 2014 I met a couple of traumatic experiences head on and at a suggestion of the local hair salon overseas, decided to try out a permanent blond hair shade.

As a blond I felt happier, bubblier, I saw light. My eyes just shone like a gorgeous green lighthouse. I felt like a goddess when I felt quite stuck in the middle of emotional chaos; troubles with my father, studying with a heavy workload abroad, my ideas of identity quite trashed. Pressure to be something in Europe. Having to totally change my views of home life and set up in a different country.

Looking more blond was a way for me to scream “I need a way out!”

And as a result I see that becoming blond lets a person become more badass… discretely. People in power try to be blond. Something about this power and light combo. Or like a friend said, when you’re trying to hide something, looking blond is powerful. You get away with A LOT. And I can confirm this.
I couldn’t do that as brunette, that shade was way too earthy for all the conflicts I was experiencing.

But I COULD do brunette when I realized my own power, my ability to move on, the fact that being dark is actually sexier because that’s what I always had. Being blond (although sometimes I miss it because I am naturally a cheerful person) required tonnes of maintenance. You know blonds can go green by shade? It’s about acid. A year or so later I find myself colouring my long hair monthly if not every season, and it got crazy dry.
Suddenly I realized how much I took my curly silky brown hair of two years ago for granted.

Once at my friends’ apartment in Zurich I took a surprised look in the bathroom mirror after taking off my hat (new years eve time). I had flattened dark hair at the top and lighter, curlier hair at the bottom. I had diamonte earrings to offset the darkness; and it looked sexy.

It was me, it was health, it was natural. Imagine the psychological trauma it took for me to wish for blond so badly. It’s a bit like in the movie I just watched: Bedazzled.

You have to go through crazy crap to realize the world for what it is, to finally be comfortable and accept yourself. Blond, redhead, brunette and then there is you.

There is also something ridiculous about justifying behaviour on hair colour.
She’s a red head so she’s feisty – OK, sure, maybe on a moody day we all are?
She’s a brunette so she will be down to earth.

Who made that up? I have blond days when I need sports to wake up, or get dyslexic down south (Australia) because keeping up with 4 languages isn’t a piece of cake.

And I have known intelligent blonds who know what they’re doing… which was a point of argument that I had with my first guy. Ironic since he was an ash blond himself.

Nevertheless there is a point to this post; hair is super important. How you colour it, says something about your mental state of mind. What you get from it naturally says something about your genes.

And ultimately in a world where there are classes, income gaps and interracial couples – we do have this “white god” * idea in our minds. It’s not even conscious.

I definitely did not streak my hair blond by accident.

*The White God Theory idea that whiter or blond people are the supreme beings of the earth; beings of status and privilege. Something lots of minority races and cultures (ie. California and other places that hold blond as THE colour to be) try to get, sleep with or become.
Something to copy and become, such as in eastern culture that got dominated by western culture. This is very strong and very alive today – otherwise I wouldn’t have found the information told by a plethora of cultures in a single forum post.

God, I love you forums.

It is my informative entertainment hub.

Photo credit: me circa mid dye period, 2014-2015.

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