Astrological Forecasts – Yay or Nay?

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of “how will Anna manage to make a foggy, crazy topic into something deep and useable?”
Like Astrology.

I have a friend who takes great offence at the word. Growls at it. And he is obsessed with watching planets with a telescope. I still love the guy, he is feisty, honest, smart. Great sense of humour, loves boats.

I am also an educated person who knows some psychology, science, philosophy and politics. And some physics. So I can immediately analyze in any given “horoscope” what`s actually going on.

After my psychology course in my bachelor days, I would yawn if I had to read such a thing. Then something curious happened.
I continued seeing a guy after I graduated with my Master in Switzerland. One of my girlfriends, who ardently believes in astrology, told me he sounded like a match. A compatible match. And I Google search, what happens when our two particular fire signs get together and do stuff.

I checked values – sex – shared activities. Well, mostly “shared activities” and partners that go well with the sign. I wanted to know what points were legit as I have experienced, over more than a year since I`ve known the guy – and what could help me swerve over potential conflicts.

Hear me out.

Good points? We are on fire! And that is kind of what I want.
Bad points? It`s going to be about lifestyles. Pace and preference could be a problem and baby I can confirm on that. Like one will be steady, into being center of attention from the bar or couch, and the other will want to pursue new things actively, and be more low key but equally as dominating.

That part sounded too close for comfort.

Significantly, for all the times that I shut down and did not want to communicate, this guy had his lines open and willing to resolve things. Like, maturely. That was a surprise.

Gosh darn whack it. Not gonna get rid of this guy easily. And that is why my intuition went “hey, what about this guy? He does not mope or give in, he fights. Maybe take a chance?”
I bloody well gravitate towards him, chance or no.

To go back to my point, do you see what I am doing?
Instead of panicking, I am using the information – as fluffy as it is – to tell me based on characteristics of zodiac signs, what I should expect to encounter and how to avoid crazy burn out flames. Like frustration or anger. Because they have already happened.
Then I went back to the time when I had my studies and this dude pulled off some really nice parties consistently over time. It was – work your brains out – oh, look its 10pm, where`s his next party!?

And it worked. I did my thing, I let out steam by nightfall. He did his thing, occasionally coming up to say hi or following up on why I can`t come to his party. Then everyone was partying.

So what if for the future, only half of my stuff was planned with the guy and the other half I did whatever I pleased? I like the guy, I see potential, just need to stay away from pitfalls for a nice happy life.

Just this whole need for drama versus lying low factor rings an alarm bell for me. But if we have the same goals, surely our approach to it shouldn’t matter?
I am struck by the relevance of the elements I see. How can they be wrong when experience was validating half of the information?

Further more, it was telling me about energy. And why I wasn`t interested in less than passionate guys.
I could just say, well whatever – no one knows what’s actually going on.
But deep down I know I should use this information to my advantage. That`s why I googled the damn thing.

Do you believe in Astrology and has it ever been useful?

Photo Credit: it’s mine. Frick, pre 7am

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