Using Caution When It’s Hot

“But be careful…” A friend told me.

I completely disagreed.Do you get cautious around dangerous, controversial things?

I use tact.

That requires sensitivity and a sharp head. In fact the only times I learned anything was when I risked something to get it.

Going out with a guy. Cooking. Asking a parent for something. Doing something at work. A wardrobe statement piece. Owning who I am, finally. Flying across the world to change countries temporarily. Cutting contact with people. Stating my opinion assertively.
And last but not least, handling sensitive and controversial issues.

Being careful to me, is something people say because they worry about you and consequences.
Tact to me, is overriding that behaviour line to learn something and change something but under cover.

Like acting like someones date while what you’re actually doing is
a. Enjoying attention, or
b. Experimenting with what works and everyone’s position. Hence I act either as a scientist waiting to pounce on some pot of truth or actually searching for a life partner. Are you still with me?

I never side with caution. To me that’s not life. Calculated risk is life because you discover so much.
Caution is fear of unknown and unwanted consequence. Tact is when you apply a skill or sensitivity when dealing with others.

Risk is when something might expose you to danger.

So far, I find it’s all in your head. And you will be called crazy for living your life. People will feel threatened. But with so much to discover, will you be cautious in life in your cute little house or energized from speeding along a highway and skillfully dodging past anything that shoots past you?

Skill looks epic, man. Skill is life.

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