Do Older Generations Respect Our Issues?

I had some thoughts on the topic of mental illnesses, the 21st century and older generations’ views of the millenials. Then I couldn’t figure out which generation was what: x, y,… its left fuzzy on purpose by articles like this

And to further confuse things, ^^ blames the media for pushing a certain generation’s agenda onto others, and at the same time justifying why it CAN’T DEFINE one or two lousy generation time spans.

So where did all this come from.
I was being a good girl, riding with my stepdad into the forest by bike and trying to figure out why it was that some families, perhaps a bit like mine, push their agendas onto their kids and absolutely disrespect the side effects of living in the modern world.
THEY (70s, 80s) had a fairly simple childhood. WE (1990’s-2005 approx) did not. And they don’t get this. We get some sympathy regarding stability, technological innovation, maybe about the music industry. And that’s about it. The older generation’s stigma about other cultures and mental illnesses, remains a stigma. I have a very good example of this but moving on.

I could never speak to my parents about depression. It wasn’t a “thing” back then. You can argue that it was always an important issue… but my point is culturally speaking our older generations had “more important” things like wars and bringing home the bacon, to focus on. People with illnesses, were people with illnesses. Not useful. Disabled. Looked down upon.
They have no clue there are levels of severity… that it can happen to anyone, that you need decisiveness, drive, support, a vision and strong willpower to overcome loads of the crap we have to get through nowadays.
And we do.

And so I was riding on my bike, marvelling at the fact that somewhere along the line… my idea of a good lifestyle got lost on the family. They try to pump me up with exercise. Up the hill. Wonderful.

Except I do not have the mind of Gen X. I have anxiety. Dissatisfaction, too much stuff in my head, frustration because I can’t function as a normal adult because I live in a country that makes younger people’s lives complicated and only easier with a good network of friends.
And suffering low key from a mild depression which only my own friends would understand; means I try to act like I care when in fact I do not. I do my part with a whole host of things at home, routines which make me feel physically better because that’s energy that’s spent. The difference is, that stuff is mechanical.

I want something that will feed my future vision and stimulate me intellectually. Gen X never had this problem. They were not force fed information or ever relied on technology to send messages. Or had demanding jobs. Suffered from too many break ups. Or had to say goodbye to loved ones overseas… or found just how corrupt the government, church, the rich and other institutions are.

Thereby disbelieving in every good principle that was once set up because we see its horrible abuse by those who are high profile and have influence.

And baby boomers and Gen X wonder why the millenials are so weird ….

We are the reflection of a different kind of warfare happening. And of a different emerging system. Don’t ask me what it is, but it’s kind of obvious – when my Gen gets confusing parenting or guidelines on how they should act and it is completely incompatible with the modern life. For example, a flatmate I once lived with spoke of her mother, a beautiful latina with a part swiss german background, teaching all her kids to be independant and at the exact same time, telling her daughters they need to care for their brothers in every way domestically. Right there, is the clash of modern versus traditional values. And my ex-flatmate told me how confusing that is to get through.

And so following that with getting support from friends who also suffered from the same low key to mild forms of depression (despite all privileges from the modern, western, stable world and a stable family life and heaps of achievements like money and degrees and a good job) I started scratching my head. So many signs of the fact that our Gen, the little ones that get virtually nothing, are disrespected, not taken seriously and even mocked. Even used as scapegoats. We do not appear like older generations. We do not act like older generations.

We are WEIRD and the older Gen’s were not brought up to adapt and understand and tolerate (being a bit black and white here of course).

Ah well, that’s how they put up with alien kids who spend too much on technology, in the hospitals and in the unemployment sections…. and lastly, in their homes. Oh yeah and let me add, the ones that come from bombed countries.

The one thing that keeps me going is the conviction that our Gen is the most informed, culture tolerant, open minded, positive and spiritual bunch I have ever met. And I also speak of the poor teenagers who rely and trust tech.

It’s just interesting to see how for the first time in more than a century, OUR problems are completely overlooked by everyone so WE as a Gen, have to validate and support ourselves and each other through all the crazy challenges.

This is why I spend way too much time on the web. I gotta research what’s going on, position myself mentally, help my friends on similar topics and at the same time, like the rest of a billion others; entertain myself too. Our quality of entertainment is at 0. This is a privilege only older generations got because back then, you got money by being very good at your craft. Nowadays their wonderful level of corruption means we see what money buys. And it is so very artificial.

Crazy challenges? I mean through the information warfare, distractions from video games, news and technology; the stuff that is crazy powerful because it targets our heads. You know, the big matter that’s called a brain which is the headquarters of every single thing we do.

That, my friends, is being targeted and only people who have enough willpower and analytical skills and least ego, realise this. It is the only way to govern people globally and to screen you away from all the abuses of power possible. But then again, distractions are good.

I don’t always check my Twitter to know the next idiotic thing Trump does, or how terrorism has shaken London – or if there’s another riot in Argentina or find out at work that Argentina has the worst youth unemployment rate out of the whole of Latin America.

I’d rather scroll through my instagram and screenshoot a joke and send it to whoever speaks to me.
Why do I need to be reminded of the mammoth patience needed to get a decent salary to finally live my life and figure out which direction to take, and where to save so that I never have dependence on my family again? Or loans… jeez.

Distractions can be very good.

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