Anyone else Get Hot for Forearms?

I finally figured it out.

Generally girls go gaga for nice abs, nice hair, sweet eyes, tanned sweaty skin, nice hands, a muscled back.
But there’s something unusual in what I like (this means I don’t know many who prefer it)

Forearms. Elegant, manly, muscled forearms in sleeves, preferably with a watch, tanned and maybe a ring. Drool. Doesn’t matter what age and what race, I’m gonna stare.
I once even told a guy at the bar that I liked his arms (rolled up, totally exposed up to the elbow, in a black shirt) and damn straight. Headchefs produce muscle after all the hard labour in those kitchens. Damn.

So there are 5 points which explain my drools:
modesty – he aint half naked
casual – a practical look for a practical purpose. he doesn’t do it for attention. And because its casual, I get to ogle the thing casually.
practical – he’s about to get something done. Build a house, fix something, make bread… micheladas. Whatever it is, I’m gonna stare. It’s not a typical “glamorous” muscle and that’s where the whole magic lies.

universal (apparently) – meaning any guy doing anything, can look attractive. Women can tell from the strength of the muscle that the guy is capable of picking up his woman etc.
watch wearing – the proportions if right, can be very distracting. Something very masculine about a beautiful sports watch on (hopefully blue and silver face). I think that as a glamorous woman, I want to have an equally glamorous guy and this is where sleeves and a watch come in. That’s a theory.

So below is the link where I took a journalist’s explanation. And I think I agree with the modesty, success, function and casual parts. Sexiness is composed in the unique appeal of men’s fashion and expression. I like muscle that speaks for itself and not flaunted for crowds of girls. That speaks of crazy insecurity and attention seeking.
Sophisticated, get-stuff-done and cool james bond forearms however is so my thing.


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