Church stinks in modern times

It has been confirmed. Ladies and gentlemen, church and marriage stinks!

One of my conversations with a more mature girl (she will kill me now) who is married for a second time – went like this ;

”do you think that the men who think there’s no point to marriage, are either disbelievers or just lazy? Or haven’t found the one to commit to?”
“Disbelievers mainly. My ex from uni had no faith in marriage as his Dad was onto his fourth wife by then (he now has a fifth). “

I was suspicious of this answer because if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s the quest to spend time with those we love. And if we’re not doing the traditional thing – avoiding it, then there’s a spanner thrown into our amazingly scarred yet hopeful existence. And that spanner is mainly idiot baby boomers who took advantage of the system…. but converted their image into monkeys, in the act. Yep you heard. Monkeys. My new game is calling a spade, a spade.
No alternative facts on my blog!

I also asked my friend why it is she is calm (or least stressed), content and excited in her new marriage and it is because she feels she married her best friend. That was my goal a few years ago, too. That is in fact the best kind of match you could get.

As for the original article below, some key facts are due: church does not help the younger generation. There is lots of preaching that is not in sync with modern domestic battles; most of the time young adults (and I would say mature adults too) rely on their friends but not on spiritual guidance, to make huge decisions that give them direction for an “important” time in their lives. Even marriage gets flunked because the minute a problem comes up, partners do not know how to cope. Or at least I’m guessing, as this does happen.

You CAN find content married couples. As young as teenagers. But we’ve been around people who have made wrong choices and tooted their horns about it, so we have had 90% of the wrong stuff advertised.
Then you multiply that with bad role models and lots of hot steamy sex and guys have become disbelievers. With the whole picture.

original article

59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why

4 thoughts on “Church stinks in modern times

  1. Marriage encourages complacency. Human relationships require constant attention something marriage does not promote. It’s probably best for humanity if we got naked in a big pile and just let out groins sort themselves out.


    1. lol the point was church does not serve the modern understanding of community and partnerships. Orgies have been there since before church and some of us women like legal protection before we go “let our groins sort themselves out”


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