Nude Makeup – and Strangers

I am going to delve into the deep, crazy, murky waters of makeup
boys, avert your eyes!

If you’re still here, I have a point to draw; nude makeup. Back in the day it would totally confuse me. OK neutral eyeshadow… what for? Red lipstick I get that… nude lipstick? Foundation? Pink gloss? Seriously it’s like I’m an amateur experimenter of 18 years again. Ie my pre retail days.

But then I went into hibernation mode in my post Master graduation days (the joys of not acting human, not moving and sleeping like a bear whenever you feel like it AND no expectations – that’s the definition of bliss for a kid who has post-soviet parents). And had to answer the door a couple of times; our house was still being built and construction people would come occasionally.
I had no makeup, but had to brush hair because this is Europe and standards are standards. I was going to go shower… and noticed strangers at the door would stare at my face.

This is when it dawned on me that I had absolutely no flibbin desire to look like a sex goddess (or just resemble a woman) or put colours on my face; but suddenly I wanted to look a bit like I was glowing, showing the natural features or simply hiding any dark spots. And that’s when it hit me.

Nude makeup is for accentuating your natural stuff. And when it comes to strangers giving you a once-over, its nice to think they can’t see spots, dark stuff or anything remotely human and wild on you. Boy, did I get wild in my bedroom. The blankets and sheets prove it. And so does the silence!

Back to my point. Nude makeup is awesome when you have a “blah I don’t care about the world but I do care that it sees me wrinkle free. Wrinkles are gross. Woman is pretty. But wrinkles are gross” mood. So I will rethink nude shades when I’m next at the shops. Cuz I ain’t got nothing to prove. Cream tones come at me.

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