Do Your Parents Age?

I just gave mum feedback on a Little Black Dress she picked up for work, and been feeling very sentimental since. I’m looking at a beautiful woman in her 40s that is starting to “age”. I really don’t associate my mum with “age” because for a very close relationship, in my head she will always … Continue reading Do Your Parents Age?

What is a “Like” ?

To the people who liked my graduation picture: To all 60 (and pending) of you, where are you? Thanks for validating your congrats for me, but where is the party – where are the in person congrats? Is this how we are going to leave it, letting an algorithm and a visual lead BE our … Continue reading What is a “Like” ?

Spell Broken: My Non-Type Kissed Me

I will confess. I think I have broken the spell. And after checking out handsome hunks on pinterest, and reading a professor’s experiences dealing with the public’s understanding of gender stereotype characteristics (ryan gosling’s meme comes here like ”hey girl”) ... It is no longer deniable. I’ve been desensitized to brown eyed men and masculine … Continue reading Spell Broken: My Non-Type Kissed Me