What to do when a Latino approaches you

From experience, here is what I did.

My side:
Oh shit I think he likes me. Not like he isn’t attractive, just whoa boy I just met you!
He keeps trying to talk to me, gets close … there is chemistry involved. See how the night ends.
We are all laughing at something and then we get more beers.
He’s staring me down, drinking his beer leisurely and winking. Oh f%%%%

His perspective:
Don’t be too obvious, don’t be too obvious… be cool…. How do I make conversation…..
OMG she likes chicken too! This girl is cool.
Go away bro, I won’t stop hitting on her.  I like this girl. I’m older than you, let me live.

Back to me:
Why does he keep doing that weird tap on the shoulder, you look down and he taps your nose thing. I know guys like getting close but this thing is consistent. Like just now again as I’m watching him prepare micheladas. Because he’s a professional chef.

We are both probably quite drunk yet sober enough to attempt some salsa. Yes it was my idea; no one else is left and its freaking 9am on a Sunday. The issue is, he is good at following celia cruz’s melody. After another dance turn something happens, a spell. Sort of. He’s growling “none of these fast turns, something nice and slow” and some part of me is impressed and curious.

The music ends, my arms are on his shoulders and he isn’t daring any physical movement. And the sweet Spanish words fill the air. I will not lie, it seems to be day and I am awake and living passionately but everything together including this guys focus on me seems…. crazy. Otherworldly. It doesn’t help that when you’re drunk, someone’s amazing intuition, observation and logic skills make them sound like they have known you forever, like really known you.
He shows me to the couch because suddenly he’s trying to put a spell on me: talk about life, crying, agony moments, having responsibilities and sharing a couple of stories.

So my recommendations are : enjoy, flirt back, draw some lines, flirt again and accept an invitation to the most sizzling summer romance of your life. Er, latino romance. Because westerners don’t put out even half the effort these guys do. It’s worth the experience.

How did that story end? We met up 4 more times and broke off by mid autumn. I know this guy deeper than he will ever know me, because he needs time to grow into himself. Responsibility of caring after his family is a burden after all.

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